susan abulhawa

The Brief

susan abulhawa is an award-winning Palestinian novelist, poet, and social justice advocate. In order to launch her new book effectively, she determined she needed a more modern web presence that more strongly jives with her personal brand.  . I also installed Google Analytics, a Facebook Pixel, and Hubspot CRM so her website could serve as her central marketing hub.

She already had a WordPress website, but it lacked the flexibility she required to promote her content, speaking engagements, and book launches in the way that she needed.  Moreover, it wasn’t representative of her vision and failed to serve its role as a hub for digital marketing strategies.

I was inspired to work with her due to the passion and intelligence with which she advances her progressive positions on far-ranging social justice issues, most notably the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

The Approach

Prior to her US Book Launch for her latest novel Against the Loveless World on the following week, she needed to revamp the design of her website and promote presales of her book.

The website design was structured around getting people to purchase her book, so we opted for a simple homepage design that directed people to bookshop and Amazon.

I custom designed a responsive (mobile-friendly) website theme to match their branding.  I further customized her previous WordPress Content Management System to make it easier for her to manage her content.  We integrated her new website with HubSpot’s CRM software, enabling her to organize, track, and build better relationships with her loyal following.

The overall website design was artsy, intelligent, and vibrant in line with her personal brand.

The Results

Her US book launch was a success and her website continues to serve as a resource for people looking to learn more about her work.



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