Honest Greens Bermuda

The Brief

Honest Greens Bermuda is a premium produce farming company based in Bermuda. Since Bermuda is a remote island in the Atlantic, they import the vast majority of their food.  Unfortunately, this limits the average person’s access to affordable, fresh produce. Honest Greens’ mission is to change that.

Honest Greens Bermuda first approached John Boland Co to design an eCommerce subscription service in preparation for their official launch the following month. They had a Squarespace website that did not have the minimal functionality that was necessary for taking their business online – subscription-based pricing, integration with their required payment gateway, and integration with their local delivery services software system.

They wanted a clean, modern website to reflect the professionalism with which they operate their business. Beyond aesthetics, they required an eCommerce solution that fit their unique business requirements while providing a delightful user experience for their customers.

What inspired me to work with Honest Greens was the passion their owner had for producing healthy food for their customers and the vision behind their business to create a sustainable food system.

The Approach

Since I knew what Honest Greens wanted, I started digging deeper to find out what they need to get there.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to subscribe to Honest Greens Bermuda’s weekly produce delivery service. We positioned the subscription plans prominently on both desktop and mobile devices so website visitors can’t possibly miss them, streamlined the checkout process to ensure more customers complete their transactions, created an automated the renewal process to ensure their paying subscribers stayed subscribed.

I custom designed a responsive (mobile-friendly) website theme to match their branding.  I used the WordPress Content Management System as the platform to create and easy to manage content experience.  Other elements of the site demonstrate their expertise in the subject matter, answer common questions, and showcase their offerings, and build trust.

Prior to the website launching, I created a coming soon page and connected it to an email subscriber system to collect emails so Honest Greens Bermuda had a list to market to as soon as they opened the doors.

The overall website design was modern, bold, and clean with a style that compliments Honest Greens Bermuda’s brand.

The Results

Within days of the new website launch, a steady stream of customers were subscribing to their service.

Without question, the website distinguishes from the competitors with its professionalism and ease of use.

As the site is an eCommerce platform, I continue to work closely with Honest Greens to keep the website running smoothly and to make ongoing website improvements.



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